Friday, August 5, 2016

5 Different Types of Research Papers

When making a research paper, it’s important to first understand what kind of research is being performed. This way, a researcher will be able to identify the objectives and state the process of the study.
There are a lot of different kinds of research papers and each one has its own goals and objectives that target different areas of knowledge and learning. Find out which kind you should use by reading through this academic guide on the different kinds of research papers.

1.         Argumentative – This type of research paper is used to explain different, opposing sides on a single, usually debated topic or idea. The researcher should be neutral on the topic, as it is the responsibility of the researcher to present ideas in a non-biased way. Facts are given to readers to support each side of the argument, and pros and cons are often commonly included to further highlight the reason for debate.

2.         Compare and Contrast – When discussing two different subjects, the compare and contrast research paper is most appropriate. This type of research paper aims to show readers how two subjects are the same and how they are different. A researcher highlights qualities of the two topics that are common among the two, and then discusses qualities that make them different.

3.         Cause and Effect – For topics that have a chain of events, the case and effect type of research paper is commonly used. This guides readers through a series of occurrences that lead from one scenario to another, hoping to show them how instances tie up to create the circumstances that happen around us.

4.         Analytical – From the word “analyze”, this type of research paper aims to discuss topics in depth to a reader without presenting a biased opinion from the researcher. Data is presented in a manner that describes and discusses a topic from all angles. This is best used with subjects that require in depth analysis and observation.

5.         Report – A report type of research paper is simply a document that states the different actions, processes, and activities that a researcher performed in order to come up with the information in their research. This outlines each step that was done to generate data, and discusses why these phases were of importance. Usually, a report is seen in the lab setting, where doctors and scientists need to jot down every step of the experimentation process to create a detailed log of their findings.

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